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Indore Management Institute

Chairperson's Desk

Pursuit of Knowledge through experience is the cornerstone of Indore Management Institute. We aim to build an institution where students learn by doing, where real world challenges find practical solutions and innovation happens not by chance, but by design.

It’s my personal belief that if good quality education is imparted to the students, it is assured that they will get greater success in their lives and will be placed in the top firms of the world. To facilitate this, IMI has been established with quality infrastructure and highly renowned faculty. The highly motivated youngsters are a constant source of pride.

IMI is providing top quality education in the field of management. It is exhilarating that in a span of 10 years, it has achieved name of fame. Our heartfelt anticipation that IMI will go on climbing higher and higher summits of achievement and recognition.

I welcome you to IMI, with an assurance in fulfilling your dreams.

 Chairperson's Desk

Mr. Mukesh Gupta