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Indore Management Institute

Dean's Desk

Dear students,

Unity in Diversity' is an often mentioned phrase to describe India in a nutshell. As we know, a unique feature of our subcontinent is the aggregation of the diversity we find at micro level and the acceptance of the same at the macro level.

We at Indore Management Institute keep referring to ‘IMI CULTURE’ and the need to practice it in order to maintain and enhance the legacy built over the number of years.

The evolution of IMI culture which distinguishes an Imite from any other graduate or a post graduate is the unique transformation of their personalities which gets moulded in the right proportion during their stay at the IMI campus. The transformation which needs to be attributed to that vital ingredient is the centre of interest consumed by the students due to their participation in innumerable co-curricular, extra-curricular activities organized and conducted under the banner of various forums of the college along with the main course of the academics.

Indore Management Institute is a classic example of the maxim 'UNITED WE STAND'. The diversity in terms of admitting the students, the diverse areas we focus our attention on and the different ways in which we handle different things portray our desire to excel as a unit despite diversity. We see our staff, students, and alumni in entirely under one umbrella when we put in our efforts to grow. The varied interests of the student community of IMI College such as cultural, sports, academic, extra-curricular, are ably supported by the respective group including the alumni. Students as members or as organising leaders of the myriad forums of the college, get opportunity to learn to co-exist, to adjust, to hear and listen to the viewpoint of others, to quarrel, to conciliate, to convince and to settle minor differences of opinion.

If our efforts help in the progress of each class of society as individuals and as an institution we will be contributing to the overall growth and development of the diverse population of this country.

With this culture of caring and sharing, I am but too sure that our institution will be a hallmark in the galaxy of great educational institutions of our time.